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This rugged hike on the Loyalsock Trail (LT) in Wyoming State Forest visits a beautiful waterfall and natural area. Bobcats, coyotes, red and gray foxes, and bears are regularly spotted here. The 59-mile LT, first established in 1953, is one of the oldest in Pennsylvania. It takes advantage of long-abandoned timber roads and railroad grades, reminders of the logging industry, which was vital to the economy of the region in the early part of the century. The LT is marked with metal discs (can lids) painted yellow with the red letters LT. It is also blazed yellow with a red horizontal bar. Turns are marked with double blazes or a yellow arrow. Two side trips, to Angel Falls and the Kettle Creek Vista, are included in the mileage and hiking time. Interesting features Angel Falls, vista to Kettle Creek Gorge Natural Area, historic Loyalsock Trail. Surface Rocky woods trail, abandoned railroad grades and logging roads.

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